Brad Kitchen is a Bad, Bad Man

Author: Mike Stuff / Category: Investing

Brad Kitchen, accused ringleader of the Provo Riverbottoms fraud scam, is no stranger to the Utah County jail. As I did further research on Kitchen, I found his trouble with the law is no infrequent affair.

Kitchen was arrested (bottom photo) and charged for his complicity with the mortgage scam on February 28th of this year. He was charged with Communications Fraud, Conspiracy and Theft. Kitchen left the jail in slightly over 24 hours.

Prior to that, Kitchen was arrested (middle photo) in 2003 for Assault and was out of jail in 52 minutes according to the Sheriff s records.

Other records show Brad Kitchen was convicted of Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a minor in December of 2002. Those charges were filed on May 1st, 2002. Kitchen entered a plea in abeyance later that month for a Zoning Violation.

In 2000, Brad Kitchen (top photo) was arrested for Domestic Violence and Emergency Phone Abuse. He spent a little over an hour in jail during that incident.

How Kitchen ended up being the ringleader of this group of fraudsters I don t know. I ve been told that sometimes in business, large men use their size to their advantage. Kitchen is 6′ 4″ and according to the jail records currently weighs 400 lbs up from 210 in 2002. Regardless of this man s size, his run ins with the law speak for themselves. A little due diligence could have saved many people a lot of time, money and trouble.